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Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium is one of Stanley Park’s most popular attractions, drawing almost a million visitors each year. It is Canada’s largest aquarium and one of the five largest in North America.


A visit here can easily take a whole day if you want to see everything and is a fascinating insight into the world of marine life of all shapes and sizes. There truly is something for everyone; from a four-year-old child to a marine biologist, there will be something to delight and excite.

Opened in 1956, the aquarium is a non-profit organization, which now houses over 70,000 different species of marine life with the emphasis strongly on education and preservation through research and rescue programs around the world.

Although the intention is to rehabilitate and release rescued animals back into their natural habitat, some of them are kept at the aquarium simply because they were either too injured to do so or because for various reasons they lack those essential survival skills. For those that call the aquarium home, they receive nothing but the best care and attention from a passionately dedicated team of experts.


The aquarium has a number of programs set up to encourage people to learn more and to engage children in the wonders of our ocean life. One of these is their sleepover program where one can spend the night and take part in special activities and behind-the-scenes events that are not usually seen by daytime visitors.

The facility is now undergoing a major expansion, allowing for more exhibits (such as the new penguin attraction) and more space for even more guests to enjoy a visit here.

It is well-worth a visit many times over as there is always something different to see and the staff work extremely hard at making your time here joyful, educational, and very rewarding.