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Rose Garden

A long-time Stanley Park attraction, which is still admired by flower lovers since it was planted in the 1920s, is the Rose Garden. It is one of the more gentle places in the park as it never really gets crowded and the beautiful sight of bride and groom having their wedding photographs taken here is common. Also if you’re lucky you can often see resident Bald Eagles soaring overhead.

The garden is easy to find as it is near the entrance to the park on Pipeline Road and is within a very short walking distance from either the bus loop or the parking lot in the same location.

There is a wealth of different roses to be found in the garden with varieties numbering in the hundreds and even if you’re not a flower buff it is an extremely pleasant place to spend your time on a sunny day and enjoy the explosion of colour around you.

The arbor is a very nice addition to this beautiful garden and in peak season is awash with colour from climbing Roses and Clematis so a stroll through is rather exquisite and highly recommended.

If you have your Stanley Park map and guide in hand when you visit you may have noticed the mention of the Shakespeare Garden. This really can be considered part of the Rose Garden and is to be found on the far west side of the Rose Garden. If you’re not sure which way west is then stand with Pipeline Road directly behind you and you’ll find yourself facing west.

The Shakespeare Garden was created to pay homage to the Bard by planting trees mentioned in his poems and plays. There are more than forty different trees here and those included in his works are shown with plaques attached along with quotations. There is also a memorial to Shakespeare himself situated in the far corner where the tree line meets the fence.