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Garden Of Remembrance

If you happen to find yourself anywhere near the Stanley Park Pavilion, it is worth taking the time to visit the garden of remembrance, located in a tree grove directly across from the bus loop and just behind the pavilion itself.

The picturesque little garden dates from 1948 and was the brainchild of the air force women’s auxiliary and contains rocks inscribed with names of air force squadrons from Vancouver, England, New Zealand, Czechoslovakia, and Australia.

One notable stone within the garden is from the houses of parliament in London, England, which was bombed during the war and brought to Vancouver as part of this fitting memorial to all those pilots that are touchingly remembered in this beautiful garden.

Small it may be, but this garden is one of those lesser-known gems within the park and although close to the road it is a very peaceful place to stroll and sit awhile. Being there amongst the tall trees and to listen to the gentle trickle of the stream brings a tranquil calm and gives a perfect surrounding to remember the brave souls who have gone before us.