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Brockton Point

Brockton Point is the name given to the peninsula situated at the far eastern part of Stanley Park.

The area was named after Francis Brockton, engineer of H.M.S. Plumper, a Royal Navy survey ship that charted much of the west coast of British Columbia in the mid-nineteenth century. Brockton was notable for discovering a vein of coal nearby which incidentally is where Coal Harbour gets its name.

When visiting the park, Brockton Point is where many visitors will find themselves, as it is here that the Totem Poles are located and it is said that this is British Columbia’s most visited spot. This is easy to believe if you happen to be there during the summer season with a huge number of tour buses stopping off continuously throughout the day.

Also during the summer months you can sit and watch a cricket match taking place on the large grassy area, which is a very rare sight in Vancouver and always draws spectators. One of the game’s most famous visitors was England cricketer Geoffrey Boycott who stated it was the most beautiful cricket ground in the world when he saw it in 1964.


Just behind the cricket ground is Brockton Oval, a place for track and field events and in its heyday it was Vancouver’s premiere sports field. You may still catch a rugby game here but it isn’t much in use these days.

At the very tip of Brockton Point is the lighthouse, which is easily accessed by continuing along the seawall. Built in 1914, this is the second lighthouse on this site. The first, consisting of lanterns atop a mast, was erected in 1890. The current lighthouse is now automated but for many years a lighthouse keeper lived on site in the keeper’s cottage which used to sit on the grassy mound behind the lighthouse but is now sadly gone.

Brockton Point is a place full of history and worth researching at length as it tells of a time when the area was in many ways used very differently down through the years.

There are many places within Stanley Park that are worth visiting but if time is short then Brockton Point is surely a must; you will be greatly rewarded by the sights and the variety to be found here.