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Beautiful Earth in May part3

Hello and welcome to yet another blog from your favourite guys at Beautiful Earth! We have more news on interviews and it really does seem to be all that’s happening lately but it is keeping us very busy!
We had a special interview lately and this was another one I really didn’t think we’d get. I’m not sure why I think such things. Lack of confidence I suppose.

Anyway, we were overjoyed when Ian Robertson not only said yes to an interview but that he was flattered that we asked him. Mr. Robertson was an important figure within the Park Board, especially as he held the position of Commissioner from 2005 to 2011, which of course meant he was there when the windstorm hit Stanley Park. It was this subject that made me contact him in the first place, although he gave us so much more during the interview, including some very special memories he has of the park during his childhood. Considering he must be a very busy man we would like to give Ian our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the time he gave to us to make this a very special addition to our documentary.
Ian also has a website


Ian Robertson

One of the subjects we are including in our documentary is on Pauline Johnson. As with a lot of other people here in Vancouver, I had heard the name but really didn’t know much else. Because she gave the name to Lost Lagoon in one of her poems and because her grave is in Stanley Park, we began to research her life and her work. This started something, which I must admit became extremely addictive. I have heard since that this is the kind of effect Pauline has on people. Once she gets into your mind and into your heart there is no letting go! It was a labour of love to write a short article on Pauline for this website and if you haven’t looked at it already then I hope you’ll check it out:

I do find it a great injustice that she isn’t talked about more as she really was a Canadian national treasure and someone we should be proud to have in our history. It is with this in mind that we are doing a feature on Pauline to include in our film. One of the names that kept cropping up when looking at various things written about Pauline Johnson was Carole Gerson. Carole, along with Veronica Strong-Boag, has worked on a couple of books on Pauline and we were very keen to talk to someone who could help give the story more substance. Carole certainly did this and more when we interviewed her at her home. It was at times quite moving to hear what Pauline Johnson must have been like, the things she did in her short but full life, and to learn much more about her from someone like Carole who obviously is far more knowledgeable than we are about this amazing woman.


Carole Gerson: book author and professor of English Simon Fraser University

Our interview with Carole also did something quite unexpected. Listening to her speak about Pauline with fondness and admiration brought her alive in a way. It’s one thing to read about a person’s life on a page but to hear about it from someone who clearly has a passion for her life’s history makes it more tangible and it was a wonderful moment that almost took us back in time to when Pauline was alive. If only that were really possible! Many thanks to you Carole for giving us such a lovely insight to her life and her work, you were more help than you know!
Thanks again for reading, we’ll be keeping you as up to date as we possibly can with everything that’s going on and we hope you keep checking in with us as we have new things to share all the time.

Keep well and keep smiling.

Beautiful Earth in the Summer

Summer is upon us and the park is now getting very busy indeed with tourists all flocking to see what this beautiful place has to offer.
It’s always a good thing to step back a little from the documentary filming and take a look at the park through a visitor’s eyes. It’s sometimes easy to forget just how beautiful and how unique this place really is; a Vancouver treasure indeed!

We’ve had another couple of interviews since our last blog. The first was with the extremely busy Daniel Frankel, who some of you may know as the owner of the Prospect Point café and gift shop and the Stanley Park Bar & Grill located at the Pavilion. He also has other restaurants around the city, all of which are well-worth dining at. Here’s his website where you will find information on all his restaurants
One thing we’re always impressed with when we go to his restaurants is how friendly the staff are. After talking with Daniel at some length about this it became clear that he really tries to create a true team spirit within his company and everyone has ideas worth listening to. Richard Branson has the same attitude so it’s no wonder that Daniel is as successful as he is!


Daniel Frankel: business man owner of Prospect Point Cafe and Stanley Park Grill

Our interview with Daniel covered his passion for Stanley Park, his restaurants and the night of the big storm where Prospect Point café was hit hard.

A genuinely nice guy to talk with and considering just how busy he is right now we are truly grateful for his time. Many thanks Daniel! Also, a huge thank you to Jayne for making it happen, it was worth the wait!
Our other interview was with Chris Hay and if his name sounds familiar then it should as he was in the media last year when the Stanley Park Rock Garden was formally recognized by the Heritage Foundation.

It was Chris Hay’s Great Grandfather, John Montgomery, that built the Rock Garden from 1911 to 1920. You can read our article about it here


Chris Hay: Great Grandson of John Montgomery

Chris talked to us about his extensive research into his family history and the many years it took to uncover the whole story of the Rock Garden. There were many steps along the way where he would come up against huge obstacles and there were times when most people would have given up the quest but Chris persisted and with many strokes of luck he was able to complete the story and discover this true gem in the park.

It’s a remarkable story, and it was only a chance meeting with Chris that brought him to our attention in the first place so we feel very fortunate to be including this story in our documentary. Thanks for your time Chris!

We were extremely pleased and honoured to have Melina Cassidy stop by recently to record three voice-over pieces for our Pauline Johnson feature. We felt strongly from the beginning that Pauline should have a voice in our documentary and so when Melina sat down and read for us we knew we’d struck gold. She brought her obvious talent to the role and gave us her interpretation of what Pauline would sound like. Of course, nobody knows what kind of voice she had but there was something very special about the way Melina approached it and we really feel it is the perfect fit. Stay tuned for the teaser trailer, which will include a brief taste of this feature. Thank you Melina for giving your time!


Melina Cassidy: Voice talent, actor, spa therapist and bodyworker
Find Melina online at

And thanks as always to everyone for reading and keeping up with our progress here at Beautiful Earth. Keep well and keep smiling!