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Beautiful Earth in May part1

First of all, many thanks to everyone who have been reading our updates and following our activities here at Beautiful Earth, it’s a joy to know that others like what we’re trying to achieve.
So, what’s been happening lately with us? Well, we have had quite a number of new interviews in the past few weeks, which we are extremely pleased and proud of.

The work that goes into these interviews is always quite hard and tiring but also always very rewarding. It does take a lot of research in the subject matter and in finding just the right person to have on camera, but also a lot of hours go into coming up with the right questions to ask. This can sometimes be a bit of a hit-and-miss affair as we are often talking to people who are experts on the subject and the worry is that our questions will fall short in some way. But with the people we have interviewed so far those fears have been cast aside as they have been extremely gracious and accommodating with these two ordinary guys and their camera.

So, who have we interviewed recently? We had the very great pleasure of meeting with Patricia Thomson and Robyn Worcester of the Stanley Park Ecology Society who both very kindly gave us a large part of their time and fascinating insights on how the park is looked after from an Ecological point of view. Nature is obviously the biggest part of what the park is and why so many people visit, so there are huge challenges in keeping a balance between protecting the ecology and keeping the park accessible. This is one of the many reasons why the society’s stewardship is essential within Stanley Park and it’s important to note that they rely heavily on donations from the public in order to continue their work. So, if you would like to help them out with a donation, to volunteer, or just to see what they’re all about, then head on over to their site
http://stanleyparkecology.caIt’s also a great site if you want to keep up with all things to do with nature within the park.


Patricia Thomson of the Stanley Park Ecology Society


Robyn Worcester of the Stanley Park Ecology Society

We took a slightly different angle with one of our other interviews when we were granted a bit of time with a Harbour Air pilot down at Coal Harbour. One of the things I’ve always noticed when spending time on the seawall is whenever a float plane takes to the skies and flies low over the park, there are always lots of faces looking upward and kids pointing excitedly. I began to see that the area and activities around the park are just as important as the park itself when it comes to telling its story and as Harbour Air is flying over it every day then we should try to include it. For some reason I honestly didn’t think we’d get very far when we contacted them but they were more than willing to help us out with an interview. We want to give a huge thank you both to Reggie Morisset for doing the interview and to Vanessa Johnson for kindly and very generously arranging the whole thing for us in the first place. It was an honour and pleasure!


Reggie Morisset of Harbour Air

Stay tuned for more blogs in the next few days as we have lots more to share with you.

Thanks again.