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September: Vancouver Aquarium and Miss604 blogs about us!

Hello again everyone. With the summer heat deciding to stick around for a little while longer this year the boys here at Beautiful Earth had a real treat when we visited the Vancouver Aquarium recently.

We knew the project would not be complete without the inclusion of a feature that is such an integral part of a Stanley Park visit.

We were honoured to be able to interview Nicole Cann, manager of interpretive delivery. She gave us such an enthusiastic and informative insight into the work that goes on at the facility and also a wonderful overview of what you can expect to experience when visiting. She also gave us information on a lot of the different aquatic creatures they have, how they came to be there and why they are so important.


Nicole Cann, manager of interpretive delivery at the Vancouver Aquarium

There’s nothing more pleasing than to see someone who enjoys their work and this is certainly the case with Nicole. She clearly has such a passion for the aquarium and the creatures she gets to see each day, but also has a deep love in sharing her knowledge with eager minds, young and old, who want to know more. It is a refreshing experience to be around someone like this and we found ourselves leaving the aquarium with huge smiles on our faces and a glowing positivity inside.

So thanks a million Nicole and also to Danielle for allowing us to come in and do this, we had the greatest time!


Nicole sitting peacefully next to the Beluga tank

We would urge anyone who hasn’t already visited the aquarium to do so and to learn more about the work that is done here, particularly their rescue and rehabilitation programs. They are also very involved in education about (and sustainability of) marine life so that together we can make a difference in the world and conserve one of our most precious natural wonders.

There are many different events and programs running at the aquarium all the time so be sure to visit their website regularly to better plan your visit and get the most out of your time here.

Another huge thank you goes out to Rebecca who runs her blog She recently very kindly did a blog on us for which we are extremely grateful. She did an amazing job (as she does with all her blogs) and we feel thrilled and flattered that she took the time to do this and help spread the word on what we’re doing. You can read her blog on us here:

That’s it for now folks and I would say our last blog of the summer! Fall is almost here and is a perfect time to be in the park (and to grab a Mocha from the Legends Of The Moon Gift Shop at the Totems – they make the best ones in the city in my opinion!) Who knows, maybe we’ll bump into you, we’re always wandering around down there.

Take care everyone and thanks as always for reading. See you again soon.