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Beautiful Earth in the Spring

So here we are, springtime in Vancouver! The park is starting to show its buds and the wildlife is out in force. And of course the tourists are also beginning to flock to the park too. Even with the mild climate it’s always a surprise to me just how early in the year the tourists come. It’s always a joy to watch people enjoy the park so much, particularly when the sun’s shining like today. It’s one of life’s great tonics to come down to Stanley Park and just sit on a bench by the seawall and people-watch. So many smiles and so much laughter; we really are extremely fortunate to have a place like this to enjoy.

One thing I wanted to say in the first blog, which I forgot to include, is to give a huge thanks to our friend Mark over at

We found making our website a daunting task and asked his advice. It was his guidance that made the whole thing a lot easier than it would have been otherwise and with Grant spending more hours than you would believe on it, it has turned out really rather nice.

Be sure to check out Mark’s site and explore his trip logs, they really are a fascinating read on his journeys through the beautiful Algonquin Park in Ontario.

This has been one of our best weeks yet at Beautiful Earth as we had the pleasure and honour of interviewing Canadian artist Robert Bateman. Due to his extremely busy schedule it took a long time to organize but we finally managed to get an hour of his time and he generously invited us to his home for a chat. It was a fascinating interview and we were struck by how humble he is and an absolute gentleman to go with it. We always get a little nervous meeting people for the first time for these interviews but Mr. Bateman, his wife and his staff all made us feel right at home and extremely welcome. We cannot thank them enough, especially Mr. Bateman himself and Alex for setting the whole thing up for us in the first place. It was a joy to meet you all!

That’s it for this blog but keep checking in with us as we have lots more coming up in the next few weeks. As always, thanks for reading!


Robert Bateman: Naturalist and Artist