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Beautiful Earth in May part2

Hello again. Just a quick update on yet another interview we did recently.

It’s always a very pleasant surprise when we finally meet with those we interview, as they are always such nice people and it helps enormously to put us at ease. That was certainly the case with our next interview when we had the delight of meeting Robyn Hanson.

Some time ago I had stumbled across an excellent blog entry online written by Robyn on the subject of Stanley Park. The way it was written made me contact her right away, as she seemed the perfect person to talk to about the park. She readily agreed to help us out and we had the great fortune of sunshine down at Third Beach when we filmed the interview one Friday afternoon. Third Beach is the perfect evening hang-out, especially to watch the sun go down, and as it is Robyn’s favourite place in the park we just had to go there to hear what she had to say. To say she was a great interview is a huge understatement. She’s a joy to talk to and her personality matched the weather: bright and sunny! Thanks Robyn, it was a blast.

We would encourage everyone to check out Robyn’s blog as it’s a great way find out about new and different things to do in the lower mainland


Robyn Hanson of

Thanks for reading; we’ll be back later this week with more updates on interviews and anything else we can think of sharing.

I’ll leave you with a rather fine quotation: “As you think, so shall you be”. Seven words to consider. It certainly seems to keep great things coming our way when we keep our thoughts positive.