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November Interview: Randy Motkaluk of the Burn Fund

Every year, the Stanley Park miniature train plays host to various themes and attracts huge crowds. There is one event and one time of year, however, that attracts more crowds than any other. The time of year is Christmas and the event is ‘Bright Nights’.

As soon as Halloween is over the miniature train crew is hard at work setting up the spectacular lights and decorations ready for their biggest event of the year.

Although we filmed a great deal on the train this past summer we were very keen to include this very special time of year and show just how much the whole area is transformed.

For those not familiar with Bright Nights we should explain what it’s all about and the great cause that it’s in aid of.
For the past fifteen years Bright Nights has been raising money for the BC Professional Firefighter’s Burn Fund. Here’s their website so you can see what they’re all about:

During the entire month of November a total of 3800 Firefighters from all over BC take part in the set-up of Bright Nights and by the time they’re done over a million lights will be lit and ready to dazzle the crowds. From what we’ve seen so far this will truly be an event not to be missed!

Randy Motkaluk Still

Randy Motkaluk, Director of Bright Nights, fundraiser for the burn fund

While we were filming the set-up recently we were very fortunate to meet with Randy Motkaluk who is director of Bright Nights and who very generously gave his time to talk with us on camera about the event.

He gave us a wonderful interview and talked in detail about the Burn Fund, the programs they run and why Bright Nights is such an important fundraiser. We encourage you all to have a look at their website and help out in any way you can.
Bright Nights will be running from November 29
th until January 1st so be sure to get your tickets early and enjoy one of the highlights of the year at the Stanley Park miniature train. Tickets are available now from Ticketmaster or you can buy tickets from the ticket booth at the miniature train. For details on ticket sales, train times and prices, visit: -

We thank Randy very much for helping out with our feature on the train and we will be doing our part in getting the word out there about this very worthy cause.

Thanks for reading everyone, we’ll be back next week with another blog which we think you will all love!