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August Interview: Alleyne Cook

With summer nearing an end and autumn getting ready to greet us once again, things at Beautiful Earth are really coming together. We have been gradually adding more articles to our website and making a few small changes here and there that we think will improve the overall look of the site and make it easier to find your way around. Grant has been putting in many hours of work so we hope you like it.

This coming week is looking extremely busy for us, both behind the scenes and out and about, so be sure to keep checking in with us as we have lots to tell!

We have another interview to mention this month and I have to say that it was another of those immensely enjoyable ones that came about by chance.

We have Paul Grant to thank for setting this one up as he thought we might like to delve into the story of the Ted and Mary Greig Rhododendron garden that has been part of Stanley Park since the 1960s. The man responsible for the planting of the garden was Alleyne Cook, an instantly likeable and jolly New Zealander who came to work for the park board in the 1950s as a gardener.


Alleyne Cook: Started to work for the Park Board in the 1950’s as a gardener

Those who have visited the Rhododendron garden in the park will know just how extensive it is and will appreciate just how much work went into it all. Alleyne had free rein in designing the flowerbeds and knew how to bring out the best in the look of the area. He told us how he wanted to bring folk out in numbers to enjoy the garden, to feel safe while enjoying the beauty of the place.

Both Alleyne and his lovely wife Barbara were a delight to meet and are two of the nicest people anyone could ever hope to know. It was a joy to sit and hear the stories and we certainly have the biggest challenge on our hands when we have to decide what to use for the documentary and what to leave out, as everything was so interesting!
Thanks for reading, we’ll be back soon.