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Beautiful Earth visits Prospect Point Café in Stanley Park

Hello again. We hadn’t planned on bringing you another blog this month but we just had to slip this one in before the new year as we wanted to talk about our little trip to Prospect Point Café in Stanley Park today.
Grant was fortunate enough to win a contest that was being run on the
Prospect Point café’s Facebook page recently, the prize being a lunch for two. Grant being the gentleman that he is chose me to be his lunch date!

We’ve talked before about our positive experiences at Daniel Frankel’s restaurants but after our lunch today we felt compelled to spread the word again on the superb service we received.

After being seated we were greeted by Tawsif, the general manager. He was very pleased to meet with his prizewinners and very excited that it was the guys from Beautiful Earth! He had some very nice things to say about our work and we’re very flattered that he’s been following our progress and checking out our website. Thanks Tawsif!

I’ve never seen a restaurant manager to be so attentive to the customer’s needs. He frequently went from table to table making sure everyone was happy. Both Tawsif and our waitress treated us and the other diners like gold the whole time we were there.

Grant and Adrian of Beautiful Earth enjoying their lunch at Prospect Point Café in Stanley Park

Many other places like to say how much they care for the customer but I struggle to think of any that go the distance and walk the walk the way that Daniel’s staff do. As well as being great restaurants with a really comfortable atmosphere, it’s those fine touches that the Daniel Group pays attention to and makes the whole experience so pleasant for the visitor.

The food was so incredible; I can’t believe we both ate so much! Grant had the Seafood chowder followed by the Grilled Salmon burger and I had my usual favorite the Vegetarian burger. Everything is made from scratch with good quality fresh ingredients. Grant says the wasabi mayo together with the grilled salmon in his burger was a delicious combination. After that we finished off with some extremely tasty chocolate brownie and vanilla ice cream. Check out
Prospect Point Café’s Menu here, they have a nice selection of food, drinks and famous ice cream.


The Seafood Chowder at Prospect Point Café is really Delicious!

We had a fabulous time today. It was great meeting Tawsif and we thoroughly enjoyed our conversations with him. We are both so grateful to everyone there and it will be a delight to return again soon.
If you love a bit of comfort food, a great view and friendly staff we encourage you all to take the trip up to Prospect Point Café and treat yourself; you won’t be disappointed!

Please check out the Daniel Group website where you can find details on Prospect Point Café and their other restaurants in the city:

Prospect Point Café’s Facebook page:

Prospect Point Café on Twitter:

Thanks a million to everyone for reading and for keeping up with our progress in 2012. We’ll see you back here in 2013.

Take care and happy New Year!