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Beautiful Earth in Spring 2013

Hello everyone. 2013 seems to be speeding by us here and we must apologize to you all for the lack of blog activity for a while. We can promise you, though, that we are working hard behind the scenes!

One of the main reasons for the lack of news is the huge wall we seem to have hit in raising the necessary funds to complete the documentary. We have approached many companies and individuals but so far have had no luck.

We’re trying hard to reach that one person in a company that will understand what it is that we’re trying to do, not just with this film but with Beautiful Earth as a brand. We will be doing enormous good for each location we focus on and it will be good for Stanley Park, for British Columbia, and for the rest of Canada as we bring our vision to these places.

We know it is just a matter of time before we break through. Persistence and a healthy dose of childlike optimism will see us through to the end!

People often ask us what we need finances for as we have completed almost all the required filming. Well, there are a number of things that are essential to this kind of documentary and there is unfortunately no way around the costs involved. So for those that are interested we’ll give you a brief overview.

Once the full edit is complete we will need a colorist to give us the look we need. Colorists are the often the unsung heroes and are an essential component in any film or television show and it’s very much one of those things that if done well then you shouldn’t notice where they have applied their craft but it would certainly be apparent if the process is left out. A good one can easily charge upwards of $10,000 for a feature-length project. It has been suggested to us that we do it ourselves but when you consider a professional colorist studies the craft for a couple of years and uses finely calibrated broadcast monitors costing many thousands of dollars then you begin to see that we should stick to what we can do well and get the specialists in for what we can’t.
We still need to hire a helicopter company to gather aerial shots of Stanley Park and although we have been in contact with a local company that specializes in aerial filming, it will require funds to get that off the ground, so to speak!

Stanley Park Aerial

The other main cost is the commissioning of a local composer to supply the musical score of the film. We have so far been able, through the immense kindness of a couple of musicians, to use free of charge some music pieces for a video blog and our trailer but it will be a rather substantial amount of money to have someone record for us a full soundtrack.
The final piece is of course a voice-over artist which we will need to hire.
There are other things we could list but these are the major ones for which we need sponsorship funding.

We are also very busy working on a secret project at the moment which could help us with some of these finances once we sort it out. We can’t say too much at this early stage but it was always the intention to include this in our Beautiful Earth future. It will be very much a companion to the documentary but we are keeping it firmly under wraps until we have a few more meetings with those involved. Be assured, though, it is very much worth the wait!

We hope you’re all getting out into nature now that the sunny weather is beginning to come through. So wherever you may be, keep well and happy wanderings!