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Beaver Lake

Beaver Lake is one of the more tranquil places in Stanley Park and is a pleasant escape should you want to get away from the crowds.
The lake is home to a vast array of wildlife and is one of the essential wetlands, not just in Vancouver but the whole lower mainland.

The quickest and easiest way to Beaver Lake is to be found about halfway along Pipeline Road, just north of the bus loop parking lot. As you travel north on Pipeline Road you will find on your left a trail by the name of Tisdall Walk. Take this trail and in less than a couple of minutes you will arrive at Beaver Lake. There is a circular trail that encompasses the lake and it is worth taking the whole walk around, as you are sure to see a large number of birdlife and if you happen to be there at dusk you may just see the two beavers that are currently residing here. For sixty years, up until 2008, the lake had no beavers at all so it’s very nice that they have chosen to be here once again.

The lake is undergoing a slow but very dramatic change in its natural life’s cycle. Vegetation is slowly taking over and turning it into what will eventually become a meadow with the lake itself disappearing completely within a couple of decades. But not to panic, as the Park Board in partnership with the Stanley Park Ecology Society have plans to restore the lake and prevent it from disappearing.

It is worth spending some quiet time down by the lake and finding those still moments inside and you will find yourself rewarded by sweet sounds of wildlife all around you. If you are really still and quiet you may just find a Chickadee or two landing upon you!