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Beautiful Earth is a new documentary film company that aims to travel the world capturing the beauty and showing the best that places have to offer. More than tourist films, we want to get to the very heart of what makes a place special and unique.


It’s so easy to take places for granted and therefore miss out on the rich and fascinating history right under our feet. This is how the idea for Beautiful Earth was born back in 2009.

It was as much a philosophy as it was a company when we started Beautiful Earth because we wanted to build on the idea that everywhere has something to say if only we go looking for it. Too often we’ve found that tourist films simply glide over the surface and leave us in the dark as to what a place is really all about. We thought Stanley Park deserved to have its story told and when we found there was little, if anything, of any real substance on the market we decided that we should be the ones to make the effort and begin filming the documentary we wanted to see.

When the Stanley Park DVD is finished and released early in 2013 we will be continuing our journey with Vancouver itself, digging deep into its past and present and showing that it has many hidden secrets and stories. From then we’ll be taking on the world!


Adrian “Scotty” Green

Adrian Green is the founder and cameraman behind Beautiful Earth, amongst lots of other behind the scenes bits and pieces.

He has a real passion for filming and says he feels totally in the moment when capturing a scene, especially scenes of nature.

Adrian has made Vancouver his home since moving here from the U.K. more than thirteen years ago and feels that it is only now that he is on the path that he’s truly meant to be on in life.

He’s had a love for the beauty of the world for as long as he can remember and became hooked on filming his travels back in the middle of 2000. These were not much more than home movies but it was the beginning of a journey that would eventually bring about the idea of giving a voice to those wonderful places that have something remarkable to say.

He says the seed for all this was planted back in his schooldays in England, “I was disappointed that they never taught us anything about our own city. There’s an area of town that is now a park and that’s all I ever knew it to be but after looking through a book on the city with old photographs I saw these bustling streets full of life and character with beautiful buildings all around and found that this was where the park is now. The entire area was destroyed during the war but the fact that school never taught us about this amazing place stayed with me and I truly believe that if people are shown from an early age just how beautiful and interesting their own town is then they’ll respect and love it far more. Local history really matters, it’s discovery on your doorstep.”


Grant Finlayson

Grant Finlayson co-founder of Beautiful Earth. Recent graduate from BCIT, new media design and web-development program. “This program is great. It gave me a taste of all things media-related, from web design to video and audio editing.” After taking this course Grant was eager to use his skills for something. The completion of this course coincided with long-time friend and filmmaker Adrian Green having an idea for a documentary about Stanley Park.

Being third-generation Vancouverite, Grant has a lot of family history here and related to the park itself; his Great-Grandfather Samuel Lindsey had been a foreman for the park board in the late 1940’s early 1950’s and later became the mayor of Kitimat.

Grant finds Stanley Park to be a very magical place and enjoys researching the history of the Park. Since starting the project, both Grant and Adrian have met the most intriguing and passionate people, uncovered amazing little-known stories and have learned how truly unique Stanley Park is.

Grant says that waking up every day to work for Beautiful Earth doesn’t feel like work at all. “I love our company Beautiful Earth. Sitting in the Vancouver archives for hours, researching the history of Stanley Park, making the website, interviewing amazing people, even walking around the park itself, it’s all fun to me. I love my job.”