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Stanley Park: An Urban Wilderness Teaser Trailer from Beautiful Earth Films on Vimeo.

Welcome to Beautiful Earth.
Here you will find information about who we are, our current work, and what we intend to achieve for the future through our documentaries.

We believe that every place on earth has a unique story to tell and something to teach us all about ourselves with no one place being better or worse than another, simply different with its own identifiable personality and beauty.


We aim to go deep within these places, find the passion that people feel for them, explore the history and the little-known stories, what draws others there and what makes it so special.

At Beautiful Earth we are dedicated to bringing you the very best with our films as we explore the world and it is our hope that we can make others see these places in a new and inspiring way.


Starting in Vancouver with Stanley Park, one of the most beautiful and unique urban parks in the world, we have begun an amazing journey.

This park is deeply loved by the people of Vancouver and by the many visitors who come from every corner of the world just to experience this little piece of wilderness in the heart of a big city.

It has a rich past both ecologically and culturally and much of what the park has to offer today can be better appreciated by a deeper understanding of its history. We want to tell the story of what this park was and is, from its very beginnings when first nation people lived there to the park that everyone knows and loves today.

It truly is a fascinating place with so much to offer those who wish to learn its story. Through local historians and those who have worked in the park, as well as many people with a keen passion for the place, we will share tales of the giant Red Cedars and Douglas Firs that made up its forest; the story of
Pauline Johnson and how Stanley Park came to be her final resting place; the two violent storms that ripped through the park; Captain George Vancouver of the Royal Navy and his arrival here; the Hollow Tree; the nine o’clock gun; building of the seawall; the varied wildlife and the wonderful work of the Ecology Society; the list goes on and it is our hope that we can do it the justice it deserves.


We hope you enjoy your visit to our site and that you share our belief that this truly is a beautiful earth.